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Twin XL Sheet Sets Or Twin Extra Long Sheet Sets

In a rainbow of decorator colors and stylish prints, XL twin sheet sets are a must-have item for anyone with an XL or extra long twin bed. Even if you own an extra long or XL twin bed you may not know the full range of fabric choices available. XL twin sheet sets are available in 100 percent cotton, cotton polyester blends, cotton sateen and even 100 percent Egyptian cotton. XL twin beds give folks enough extra room to stretch out and relax.

An extra long or XL twin mattress is a full five inches longer than a standard twin size and XL twin beds are a common sight in many college and university dorm rooms. Arriving at school with the wrong size sheet set can result in an unexpected additional cost.

Twin Extra Long Sheet Sets Mean Extra Length

The extra length means that a standard twin sheet set will not fit on an XL twin bed. Other factors like the height of the mattress can affect the fit of a set of bed sheets. Many pillow top and European top mattress can be as high as twenty inches or more. Fitted bed sheets with shallow pockets simply will not fit correctly. The same is true with XL twin beds. Sheets that do not fit well are prone to slip off while you sleep. Like trying to force a round peg into a square hole will damage the peg, force fitting a sheet onto a mattress will damage the sheet.

As with any other sheet size, buying an extra long twin sheet set means knowing what to look for. Buying a bargain sheet set may seem like a good idea, but it may not be real bargain at all. Bargain sheet sets may end up costing more money in the long run and are often made with inferior materials. Low quality fabrics can fade when washed, and will not hold a seam very well.

A quality XL twin sheet set should have a thread count of at least 200. Thread count is measured as the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The thread count of a bargain sheet set may be as low as 100. Bed sheets with a low thread count, regardless of the fabric type, will feel flimsy and coarse.

Even though a quality XL twin sheet set will cost a little more, spending the extra money will pay dividends in the long run. Higher quality fabrics will launder well and hold the shape of the sheet longer. There will be less color fade and the sewn seams will be less likely to fail.

Fabric and content labeling is very important when buying Twin extra long sheet sets. A label that lists a fabric as 100 percent cotton is likely to be so, though it may be a blend of different cotton grades. Labeling is important whether you are paying a little or a lot for a set of twin XL bed sheets. The fabric choices for XL twin sheet sets range from cotton and cotton blends to sateen.

When it Comes to Twin XL Sheet Sets, Cotton is Still King

Cotton is still the most popular choice for XL twin sheet sets. Cotton is a durable fabric that holds its shape and stays comfortable after repeated washings. In addition to the Upland species of cotton, there are several species of cotton that are used to produce cotton fabric that is extremely soft and durable. Egyptian cotton and the hybrid Pima cotton sheet sets are usually more expensive to buy but are well worth the extra expense. Regardless of the species, there are different grades of cotton. It takes an experienced and trained eye to properly grade cotton fiber. Cotton polyester blends are another great choice for extra long twin sheet sets. There are other fabric types that provide all the comfort of cotton and are environmentally friendly alternatives.

Twin Extra Long Sheets and Sustainable Fabrics

Bamboo and hemp are two examples of sustainable fiber sources that can be made into soft, durable and beautiful fabrics. Bamboo and hemp are grass type fibers which grow prolifically without the need for irrigation or the use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides. This is stark contrast to some species of cotton which are the target of insects and plant disease and require irrigation in order to thrive. Bamboo fibers are harvested from the center of the stalk and are spun into luxurious fabrics that have a natural, long lasting antimicrobial property. This antimicrobial property can withstand the rigors of everyday use and. repeated washings. In spite of what folks may think, bamboo fabric is as soft as cotton. As a less expensive alternative to 100 percent bamboo, cotton and polyester is often blended with bamboo, bamboo blends still provide the same antimicrobial characteristics, soft feel and durability. Hemp fiber is another example of a sustainable fiber source that has been in use for thousands of years. Hemp fibers have been used for thousands to produce paper, fuel, rope and fabric. Like bamboo, hemp plants can be cultivated without irrigation or the use of harsh chemicals like insecticides and fertilizers. Hemp fibers are spun into durable and soft fabrics that are extremely long lasting.

Caring for Your Twin XL Sheet Sets and Mattress

Quality bed linens can represent a substantial investment. Properly caring for your twin XL bed sheets can ensure that you get the most for your money. Manufacturers attach a fabric care label which provides instructions on how to wash and dry your twin XL sheet set. Provided that you use the right detergent, most fabrics can be washed in cold water. Cold water washing will help to maintain the color. Do not use chlorine bleach if the fabric care label recommends against it. Machine dry your sheets according to the care instructions.

An important accessory to any XL twin sheet set is a quality fitted mattress pad. A fitted XL or extra long twin mattress pad will protect the mattress and add an extra layer of comfort.